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Mission Vision & Values

Vision: Be the most respected and profitable insurance agency.  Working together as a team, who is goal oriented, responsible, innovative, and tenacious to find the best solution for those we serve.

Purpose:  Help people protect everything they work so hard for while serving with generosity, respect, innovation, and trust.

GRIT as a distinct combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus that allows a person to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in their goals even in the face of discomfort, rejection, and a lack of visible progress.

We believe that it takes people willing to commit and focus on a goal for a long period of time see success.

G: Generosity- We will be generous & fair with our clients and community that we serve.

R: Respect- We believe that treating every client with respect is paramount to building lasting relationships with our clients and team members.

I:  Innovative- Without innovation we will not succeed in helping clients from every demographic.  The insurance world is changing quickly and we must be innovative.

T: Trust-  Without trust we have nothing.We must trust our clients and our teams to work together to ensure the best results.

Description: Grit Insurance Group is a full service  Insurance Brokerage. GRIT’s main focus is helping customers find solutions to their insurance needs in the personal and commercial arena through our agency partnerships.

Values: God, Family, and then Business.